Betsafe (Red) Review

Betsafe's Untrustworthy Actions

All of the actions below relate to affiliates. However, if a company is untrustworthy when dealing with their partners, how could you as a potential customer ever trust them? As you will see from the evidence below, the Betsson Group repeatedly attempted to weasel out of paying commissions owed. Are these the actions of a company you would trust to honor their rakeback and deposit bonus commitments? We certainly would not, which is why they are listed as one of our sites to avoid!

The first action that led us to believe that the Betsson Group might be an untrustworthy company occurred when they attempted to close our affiliate account. They stated "lack of activity" as their reason, even though our account has had at least one active player every month since a month or two after being created. This reeked of a company who simply wanted the revenue without paying their partners the commissions owed.

A few months later, the Betsson Group closed our account again claiming that we were in breach of contract. As it turns out, we had unknowingly breached the contract between the Betsson Group and Microgaming. I say "unknowingly" because our contract was with Betsafe (not Microgaming), and that contract does not mention anywhere that our actions were against the rules. What is worse, they even attempted to pursue legal action against us to try to enforce a €10,000 fine! This action was quickly dropped once they realized they did not have a legal leg to stand on. And even though they realize they are the party legally responsible for the breach of contract, they jumped at the opportunity to close our account anyway!

When we realized that we had unknowingly caused a breach of contract between the Betsson Group and Microgaming, we immediately ceased all activities that led to this breach. Instead of this resolving the situation to everyone's satisfaction, the Betsson Group once again jumped at the opportunity to close our account so they could stop paying us the commissions we had rightfully earned (despite the fact that they state that in the event of a breach of contract, a warning would be issued). So, a breach of contract is supposed to get a warning, which is irrelevant since we never breached the contract to begin with!  

As a player, you rely on your online poker site to behave in a trustworthy manner. You expect them to honor their agreements, and not to hide behind poorly written legal documentation or jump at any excuse to avoid paying deposit bonuses and rakeback. The reality is that any online poker site can scam their players and affiliates by refusing to pay commissions, bonuses, and rakeback. It is extremely difficult to seek legal recourse if they do. However, what we can do is to make others aware of their unethical behavior so that ultimately their dishonesty punishes them in the long run.