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Last Updated: 14 May 2018

Best Online Sit-N-Go Site Rankings

We rank each site based on their total net cost (fees minus rewards). Since table size can impact either the fees or the rewards (or both), we have created 3 different sitngo ranking tables. Click the table title or "More Info" button to see an additional 6 SNG ranking tables sorted by volume of play (i.e. the amount of fees you will pay annually), allowing you to find the best online SNG poker site for you!

Full Table SNGs

#1: Americas Cardroom

#1: Americas Cardroom

download americas cardroom
       Score: Score:
  99.0 99.0
  • 1


6-Max SNGs

#1: Americas Cardroom

#1: Americas Cardroom

download americas cardroom
       Score: Score:
  95.8 95.8
  • 1


Heads-Up SNGs

#1: PokerStars

#1: PokerStars

download pokerstars
       Score: Score:
  61.6 61.6
  • 1

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SNG Rankings Calculation

Each of the tables on this page rank the best online poker sites for Sit and Go players. The scores for each site are calculated using:

  1. Average Net Cost. Net Cost is equal to the fees charged by the site, minus the site's equivalent rakeback. Since the fees vary by buy-in, and rakeback rewards typically increase with your volume of play, each site's score is based on the average net cost for a range of different volumes of play.
  2. Average Ranking. We have further ranked each site for 6 different categories of player (based on volume of play). Each site's SNG score is based on the site's average ranking across all 6 categories.

Table size is one of the biggest factors in determining which online poker site is best for SitNGo's because fees sometimes vary by table size, and some sites offer promotions for some table sizes, but not others. Some online poker sites do not offer Sit & Go's for all table sizes.

These tables answer these commonly asked questions:

  • What is the best full table Sit & Go poker site?
  • What is the best online poker site for 6-handed SNGs?
  • What is the best heads-up Sit-N-Go online poker site?

Although these are better questions than the more generic "What is the best Sit & Go poker site?", they're still not the right questions!

Many websites present a generic "best online poker sites" ranking, but the question you should be asking is, "What is the best online poker site FOR ME?". The answer to that question depends on many different factors. Click to Tweet

For Sit-N-Go poker players, these tables address the second factor: what table size do you prefer?

So Where Should you Play SNGs Online?

sitngo definition

The next question you should ask is "What is the best (full table / 6-handed / heads-up) Sit & Go poker site for my volume of play?". That is, how much rake (or fees) do you typically pay per year? Since most online poker sites give higher rakeback rewards for higher volume players, your volume of play has a huge impact on which online poker site is best for you. This is why we have broken down each of these SNG ranking tables into an additional 18 Sit & Go ranking tables (6 different player categories for each table size):

  1. Casual (<$100/year in tournament fees)
  2. Enthusiast ($100 - $1,000/year in tournament fees)
  3. Amateur ($1,000 - $5,000/year in tournament fees)
  4. Semi-Pro ($5,000 - $25,000/year in tournament fees)
  5. Professional ($25,000 - $100,000/year in tournament fees)
  6. Hardcore Pro (>$100,000/year in tournament fees) 

To view these more specific SNG rankings, simply click the table title or "More Info" button in the tables above.

* PokerStars

The new Stars Rewards program by PokerStars makes calculating your expected rakeback a challenge. Your PokerStars rakeback rewards will vary based on whether you are a net depositor, break-even player, or net withdrawer. A net depositor can earn as much as 27% rakeback (for low volume) up to 65% rakeback (high volume). A net withdrawer can earn as little as 8% rakeback (low volume), decreasing to as little as 5% rakeback (high volume). Break-even players earn 16 - 30% rakeback (with rakeback increasing with volume of play).

We considered listing PokerStars 3 times in each table, but the examples cited above are just the extremes; there are multiple combinations of Stars chest cost and boost points. As a result, most players will fall somewhere between break-even and either extreme. If you're a consistent winner, then PokerStars will always be one of the worst ranked sites for you. By contrast, if you're making monthly deposits (without ever withdrawing winnings), then PokerStars will almost always be the best site for you!

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Sit and Go Poker

A Sit & Go is a poker tournament with no fixed start time - the tournament starts as soon as enough players register. They are also referred to as Sit-N-Go, SitNGo, or SNG. Most Sit-N-Go poker tournaments have a fixed number of entries. For example, the most common Sit & Go's on the PokerStars network are limited to 6, 9, 18, 45, 90 or 180 entries. However, some SNG poker tournaments start once they reach a minimum number of entries, and then continue to accept late registrations. However, this format is usually only seen for freerolls (such as the On Demand freerolls at Americas Cardroom).

SNG Poker Strategy

Sit & Go poker tournaments are very popular because of how much they can reduce your poker variance. With fewer entries than MTTs (multi-table tournaments), you will experience less time between wins, and smaller spikes when you win a Sit-N-Go. This reduced variance allows you to maintain a smaller SNG bankroll (relative to the buy-in). Or, put another way, you can play larger buy-in tournaments with the same bankroll! Even if your ROI is less playing SNGs, you may still earn greater total profit.

This is true whether you are a long-term winner, loser or even break-even player! The fewer the number of entrants, the more closely your wins/losses will match your expected results. Of course, it's far better to be a winner, and there are plenty of great resources to help you win Sit & Go poker tournaments. For starters, you can take advantage of the free MTT training offered above. Beyond that, you can research basic SNG strategy online, and even invest in a Sit & Go strategy course.