Comeon! Poker Review

Comeon! Poker Sign-Up Bonus

Comeon! Poker offers a 110% deposit bonus to a maximum of $600. Players earn the poker bonus in $5 increments. Tournament players will release each increment for every $11.90 paid in fees (42% rakeback). Full table cash game players will earn $5 for every $9.26 paid in rake (54% rakeback), while 6-handed players must generate $13.89 in rake (36% rakeback). Heads-up cash game players must generate $41.67 in rake to earn each $5 increment (12% rakeback). Since Comeon! Poker uses a “dealt rake” system for distributing FPPs, tight players will earn their bonuses paying less rake than this, while loose players will pay more.

Comeon! Poker does not have any freerolls for first time depositors, but players can earn Comeon! Points for creating a new account, validating their email, making a deposit, etc. Comeon! Points are part of Comeon! Casino’s loyalty rewards program, and although poker players will probably never earn enough Comeon! Points to earn a prize, those players who also visit the casino will appreciate the bonus.