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Pros & Cons

  ++   Amazing freerolls
  ++   Software for Mac and play in browser  
  ++   Live chat support
  +   8th largest poker network  
  +   Low tournament & SNG fees  
  +   Great graphics and navigation  
  -   Horrible rewards for short-handed and heads-up cash players  
  -   No US players  

Win Cake Poker Rakeback Rewards

Win Cake Poker uses the same loyalty rewards program as all poker websites on the Revolution Poker network, which has 3 components: Loyalty Levels, Gold Chips, and Gold Cards. The first two programs are based on Frequent Player Points (FPPs). Tournament poker rewards 7 FPPs for every $1 spent on tournament fees. Cash game poker rewards 1 FPP for every $1 of rake collected during a hand in which they received cards (whether they contributed to the rake or not). As a result, 9-handed players earn an average of 9 FPPs per $1 of rake spent, but 6-handed players only earn 6 FPPs, and heads-up players get a measly 2 FPPs. Since Revolution Poker uses a dealt rake method for awarding FPPs, tight players will benefit more from this system since they pay less rake than the average player, but get the same number of points.

For most players, the majority of their rewards will come from the Loyalty Levels component. There are 50 levels that players progress through, each with a number of tiers (from 1 tier/level to 60 tiers/level). Clearing a tier requires a player to earn a certain number of FPPs and there is no time limit to do so. Each time a player completes a tier, they receive a cash bonus (although for levels 1 to 9, players receive Gold Chips instead). If players clear a tier within 6 days, they get a larger bonus, and if they clear it in 3 days, their bonus is even larger.

As long as players do not fail to clear a tier for 2 consecutive months, they will continue to move up the loyalty levels, earning a better rakeback percentage each level they gain. As a result, players who play consistently month after month will typically earn more rakeback each subsequent year. If a player fails to clear a tier for 2 consecutive months, they are reset to level 10. Players below level 10 will never lose a level.

For every 100 FPPs earned, players receive 1 Gold Chip. Gold Chips can then be used to buy into tournaments or purchase cash bonuses. Like most loyalty rewards programs, players need to earn a certain number of Gold Chips before they can be spent. However, the Revolution Gaming Poker Network gives players the opportunity to play Gold Chip tournaments to win more Gold Chips, so even the most casual player receives value from their loyalty points!

Gold cards are the third component of Revolution Gaming's loyalty rewards program and although they are only earned on cash tables, they are of far more benefit to tournament players. After $20 of rake has been earned on a table, a Gold Card is randomly awarded (and there are 52 different Gold Cards: 1 for each card in a deck). Gold Cards can then be used to buy into Gold Card tournaments, which are special promotions that might offer anywhere from 1 to 4 tournaments a day for a 7-12 day period. There are usually 1 or 2 Gold Card tournament promotions each month. Gold Cards can also be bought and sold on The Exchange (a website dedicated to buying and selling Gold Cards).

Gold Cards range in value based on rank and suit, and the more valuable the card, the rarer it is. However, the weighted average of a Gold Card is just $0.26, which means this promotion provides a measly 1.3% rakeback to cash game players. The real advantage of the Gold Card system is the tournaments. By purchasing Gold Cards on The Exchange, you gain access to tournaments where the entry is typically worth 5 to 10 times the cost of the cards! Unlike cash players who need to spend an average of $20 to receive a Gold Card, tournament players can buy them without earning a single FPP! Even players who prefer to play on another poker site should log into Win Cake just to play the Gold Card tournaments when they are offered.

Since Gold Card tournaments provide such a huge overlay, we have included them in our freeroll analysis for Win Cake Poker, which is precisely why the value offered by freerolls is so massive.


Win Cake Poker Sign-Up Bonus

Win Cake Poker offers an outstanding 200% online poker bonus to a maximum of $5,000. Players earn the bonus in $5 increments. Tournament players release each increment for every $11.90 paid in fees (42% rakeback). Full table cash game players earn $5 for every $9.26 paid in rake (54% rakeback), while 6-handed players must generate $13.89 in rake (36% rakeback) and heads-up cash game players must generate $41.67 in rake to earn each $5 increment (12% rakeback). Since Revolution Gaming uses a “dealt rake” system for distributing FPPs, tight players will earn their bonuses paying less rake than this, while loose players will pay more. The bonus expires after 90 days.

Win Cake offers a $500 New Depositor Freeroll, which has a value of $3.56 due to low entries. However, new players only get to play one of these tournaments.

Win Cake Freerolls

Freeroll Name Frequency Time (UTC) Value
$1,000 Bankroll Freeroll Satellite Daily 12:40am
$1,000 Bankroll Freeroll Satellite Daily 5:40am 9¢
$1,000 Bankroll Freeroll Satellite Daily 8:40am 13¢
$1,000 Bankroll Freeroll Satellite Daily 2:40pm 8¢
$1,000 Bankroll Freeroll Satellite Daily 9:40pm 6¢
cake poker us players
Peak hours: 4pm - 5am UTC
Peak Traffic: 460 players
Peak Cash Traffic: 135 players
Avg. Cash Traffic: 120 players
Low Hours: 6am - 9am UTC
Low Traffic: 130 players

Maximizing Your Win Cake Poker Rakeback

The biggest opportunity to maximize your Win Cake Poker rakeback is their incredible Gold Card tournaments, which reward a ridiculous amount of free poker money! Is does not matter if you never play poker online for money, anyone can purchase Gold Cards on The Exchange. Since there is almost always a greater supply of Gold Cards than the demand for them, you can buy most Gold Cards for dirt cheap and use them to enter tournaments with great prizes. The result is a huge overlay in almost every single Gold Card tournament.

For example, On 20 Jun 2012, players had the option to play in the Gold Champs - Diamond Group Finals Satellite, which cost 8 x 3d Gold Cards (selling for $0.04 each, for a total entry cost of $0.32). The top 20 finishers won a seat in the Gold Champs - Group Finals - Diamonds, which had a prize pool of $5,000, plus 50 seats to the Gold Champs $10k Final (a total prize value of $6,880). 247 players played in the Group Finals tournament, making each of these seats worth $27.85 ($6,880 / 247 players). Since the Satellite awarded 20 seats to this event, it's prize pool value was $557 (20 seats x $27.85), and since only 39 players registered for this satellite, the value of each entry was $14.28 ($557 / 39 players), but it only cost $0.32 to enter!!!

Although the math behind calculating the value of the Gold Card tournaments may seem complicated, players almost always pay a fraction of the value of the entry. On average, players who play Gold Card tournaments receive entry to a tournament worth 17 times what they paid to enter! That's like paying $1 to enter a $17 tournament!

You have 3 options for spending your Gold Chips, all of which offer roughly the same value. If you are especially skilled at Sit & Go's, you should use your Gold Chips to enter the Double Up To Cash! or Quad Up to Cash! SNGs. If you prefer tournaments, you can purchase entry to select tournaments using your Gold Chips. If neither of these options is appealing, you can purchase cash bonuses ($10, $25, or $100). Regardless of how you spend your Gold Chips, they are almost always worth 25¢.











Deposit Options

ClickandBuy, Diner's Club, EcoCard, EntroPay, Mastercard, NETELLER, Skrill, VISA, VISA Electron, WebMoney

Withdrawal Options

Bank Draft, ClickandBuy, EcoCard, NETELLER, Skrill, WebMoney

Country Restrictions

France, Spain, USA (including minor outlying islands)