Revolution Poker Network Review

Compare Revolution Poker Network skins to find the best poker site for YOU on the rebranded Cake Poker network!

In May of 2012, Lock Poker purchase the Cake Poker Network and rebranded it as Revolution Gaming. In doing so, they took many of their players from the Merge poker network, dramatically increasing the new network's online poker traffic. Currently, the Revolution Poker Network is the 8th largest online poker network. Many of the sites on this network offer online poker for US players. The network maintains 80% of it's peak traffic for a 9-hour window, by far the longest peak period of any online poker network.

The graphics on Revolution Gaming network sites are top notch. Navigation is crisp and clean, and their “classic” table setup makes you feel as though you’re sitting in a live game! Navigation is user friendly and logical, and there are quick filters as well as a more detailed option that lets you specify exactly the tables you are looking for. The only complaint is that all tables of the same type have the same name, which can cause some confusion – you have to look at the 5-digit table number to tell them apart.

The cashier window provides a wealth of information, with tabs for their various vip poker programs (with explanations, and upcoming event schedules), pending poker bonus offers and promotions. Hand replays are available, but are not animated. However, like all information presented on Revolution Gaming software, it is concise and easy to follow. As a result, you can get the information you were looking for in a fraction of the time.

Revolution Poker Network


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Peak hours: 4pm - 5am UTC
Peak Traffic: 460 players
Peak Cash Traffic: 135 players
Avg. Cash Traffic: 120 players
Low Hours: 6am - 9am UTC
Low Traffic: 130 players

Revolution Poker Cash Games

Only 4 variations of poker cash games are available on the Revolution Gaming network: Hold’em, Omaha, Omaha Hi/Lo, and Telesina. There are typically fewer active tables, and at lower stakes than on some of the larger networks.

Revolution Gaming use a “dealt rake” system for awarding frequent player points. That is, for each $1 of rake collected, all players at the table who were dealt a hand collect 1 FPP. This means that tight players will earn the same FPPs as loose players, but will pay far less rake to do so!

Oddly, Revolution Poker sites award 1 FPP to all players per $1 raked, regardless of the number of players dealt into the hand. This dramatically weakens their loyalty rewards program for short-handed and heads-up players. On a 9-handed table, each player will earn an average of 9 FPPs per $1 of rake they pay, while players on 6-handed tables will only earn 6 FPPs per $1 of rake, and heads-up players will get a measly 2 FPPs!

Revolution Poker rake is high for micro-stakes (up to 5¢/10¢), but is competitive above these stakes, and is very competive for all heads-up cash games. 

Active Tables (Full Table):
  NL Hold'em   2¢/4¢ - 10¢/20¢
  FL Hold'em   2¢/4¢
  PL Omaha Hi/Lo   5¢/10¢ - 10¢/20¢
Active Tables (6-Handed):
  NL Hold'em   2¢/4¢ - $2/$4
  FL Hold'em   2¢/4¢
  PL Omaha   2¢/4¢ - $2/$4
  PL Omaha Hi/Lo   10¢/20¢
  NL Omaha Hi/Lo   5¢/10¢
Active Tables (Heads-Up):
  NL Hold'em   25¢/50¢ - $25/$50
  PL Omaha   $1/$2 - $25/$50
cake network
Games Offered:
  NL Hold'em   PL Omaha Hi/Lo
  FL Hold'em   NL Omaha Hi/Lo
  PL Hold'em   FL Omaha Hi/Lo
  PL Omaha   PL Telesina
  FL Omaha    

Revolution Tournaments

All of the sites on the Revolution Poker Network participate in their Gold Card promotion, and these tournaments provide incredible value and should be played as often as possible.

The majority of tournaments offered on the Revolution Gaming network have a guaranteed prize pool. Tournaments typically receive 50-100 entries, which is a good number since it reduces the variation in your results. That is, a winning player will not need to play hundreds of tournaments hoping for a "big score". Solid tournaments will consistently build their bankroll with more frequent, smaller wins.

Breaks on the Revolution Gaming network are coordinated, including Sit & Go’s with 30 or more entries. A 5 minute break is given to all tournaments 5 minutes before each hour.

Tournament fees for buy-ins of less than $1 are the highest online, but their fees for all other tournament poker are competitive.

Revolution Gaming Sit & Go's

The Revolution Gaming network offers a variety of Sit-and-Go tournaments, ranging from heads-up matches to 45-player tournaments. Multi-table SNGs have their breaks coordinated with regular tournaments, so players can play both and still get a 5-minute break every hour. 

Fees are very competitive, and they offer some of the lowest fees for full-table and short-handed Sit & Go’s. The Revolution Gaming network also offers Double Up tournaments for No Limit Hold’em, Pot Limit Omaha and Pot Limit Omaha Hi/Lo.

Despite all of these great features, Revolution Poker has remarkably low activity at their poker SNG tables.

Sit & Go (SNG) Formats:
  Multi-Table (MT)
  Single Table (ST)
  Double or Nothing (D/N)
Active SNGs (Full Table):
  NL Hold'em (ST)   $1.60 - $7.70
  NL Hold'em (D/N)   $2.16
Active SNGs (6-Handed):
  NL Hold'em (ST)   80¢ - $15
  NL Hold'em (D/N)   $1.50 - $15.90
  PL Omaha Hi/Lo (ST)   $13
Active SNGs (Heads-Up):
  NL Hold'em (ST)   75¢ - $30
  PL Omaha Hi/Lo (ST)   $17.85



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Up to 61.2%
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Up to 61.2%
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