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Last Updated: 20 May 2021

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Full Tilt Poker Bonus Codes

Bonus Code
Rewards Min. Deposit Best For
THIRTY 20 x $1 Spin & Go Tickets
$10 Cash Bonus
$20 <$15 rake/month
STARS600 100% up to $600 $10 >$15 rake/month

If you do decide to play poker with Full Tilt, make sure you select the correct bonus code for your volume of play. Full Tilt offers two different sign-up bonuses, and since these are the only worthwhile rewards offered by the site, it's extremely important that you select the correct one. The value of each Full Tilt bonus code differs greatly based on your volume of play.

Full Tilt Bonus Code: 'THIRTY'

Make a minimum first real money deposit of $20 to your Full Tilt poker account using bonus code 'THIRTY' and you will receive 20 x $1 Spin & Go tickets, and $10 in cash bonuses spread across 6 days.

1 5 x $1 Spin & Go Tickets
2 5 x $1 Spin & Go Tickets
3 5 x $1 Spin & Go Tickets
4 $5 Cash Bonus
5 5 x $1 Spin & Go Tickets
6 $5 Cash Bonus

This Full Tilt promo code is ideal for casual players who are new to online poker as it provides a decent amount of free money with which to sample the games. Unlike most free money sign-up bonus codes, Full Tilt do not impose strict requirements before you can cashout your bonus. However, although they do not require you to "unlock" your bonus, they do expect you to use your $20 deposit to play real money games, and have inserted this line into the bonus code's Terms and Conditions to protect themselves from players looking for handouts:

We reserve the right to withhold rewards if there is reason to suspect that a deposit if fraudulent, or that it has not been made with the intention of using it to play real money games.

For casual players who typically generate less than $182/year in rake and fees (>$15/month), this is one of the best sign-up bonus offers available online, although the Americas Cardroom promo code offers better value!


americas cardroom sign-up bonus

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Full Tilt Bonus Code: 'STARS600'

For more serious online poker players (those who generate more than $182/year in rake and fees), the 'STARS600' FullTilt bonus code is one of the best available online. You receive a 100% matched bonus up to $600, which seems low, but is deceptively good! Although many other sites offer bigger bonus amounts, their conditions and restrictions often make their value to you significantly less. If you generate between $1,200 and $12,000/year in rake and fees, then the Full Tilt deposit bonus is the absolute best of those we have analyzed!

If using the 'STARS600' Full Tilt bonus code, you can make up to 3 qualifying deposits over a 60 day period. The advantage of spreading your initial deposits is that it increases the amount of time you have to earn your full bonus because you have 4 months to earn each bonus after each qualifying deposit. That is, if you deposit $200 initially, then another $200 after 1 month, and make a third $200 deposit just before 60 days after your first deposit, then you have 6 months to earn the full $600 bonus!

As you play poker on Full Tilt, you earn 5 redemption points for every $1 paid in rake or tournament fees (including sit and go's). For every 180 redemption points earned, you receive $10 of your first deposit bonus. This works out to 28% rakeback. While this is an impressive rakeback amount, there are other sites that offer an even higher rakeback percentage from their initial deposit bonus (such as Boylepoker, whose initial deposit bonus provides 30% rakeback). However, few other sites offer as long of a redemption period as Full Tilt. As a result, you earn more total sign-up bonus rewards with Full Tilt than any other online poker site if you generate between $800 and $9,000/year in rake and fees. 

Full Tilt Bonus Comparison

Online poker sign-up bonuses are often intentionally misleading. For example, Boylepoker's 100% bonus up to €1,000 makes Full Tilt's $600 bonus code seem paltry by comparison. However, there are many factors that must be considered when reviewing bonus offers:

Total Sign-Up Bonus Value
Full Tilt /
$25 $4 $8 $47 $29 $5 $52 $6 $0 $6
$100 $4 $28 $72 $35
$15 $55 $6 $0 $6
$500 $24 $77 $117 $35 $65 $68 $26 $0 $29
$1,000 $44 $97 $147 $35 $135 $84 $51 $0 $51
$2,000 $94 $147 $197 $35 $275 $117 $99 $0 $102
$5,000 $244 $157 $212 $35 $605 $216 $242 $0 $248
$10,000 $404 $157 $212 $35 $605 $380 $490 $0 $496
$25,000 $404 $157 $212 $35 $605 $873 $1,132 $0 $1,240
$50,000 $404 $157 $212 $35 $605 $1,052 $1,336 $0 $1,696
$70K+ $404 $157 $212 $35 $605 $1,052 $1,336 $0 $1,696
  • Rakeback: Online poker sites rarely refer to their initial deposit bonus as a rakeback reward. However, most sign-up bonuses require you to generate a certain amount of rake to unlock a bonus payment. For example, you need to generate $36 in rake or fees with the STARS600 bonus code at Full Tilt to release $10 of your sign-up bonus, which is 28% rakeback. 
  • Bonus increment: Bonus increments are often overlooked when reviewing sign-up bonus offers. You want your bonus increment to be as small as possible, especially if you are not going to earn very much of the total bonus. Full Tilt pays their bonus in $10 increments. If you generate $70 in rake, then you will only get $10, dropping your effective rakeback from 28% to 14% since you would need to generate $76 in rake to earn the 2nd bonus increment. If the bonus increment was $5 for every $18 (still 28% rakeback), you would receive $15 (21%), and you had a $1 increment for every $3.60, you would earn $19 (27% rakeback). Some sign-up bonus offers are "all or nothing", and plenty of players get enticed by the potential rewards only to end up receiving nothing!
  • Time to clear: Since you are looking to maximize total cash received, the time to clear is an incredibly important factor. A sign-up bonus that offers 25% rakeback over 3 months will give more total rewards than a sign-up bonus offering 50% rakeback, but with just 1 month to clear (except for those hardcore grinders who can clear the full bonus in a month)!
  • Maximum reward: Although this is the number that is most prominently advertised, for the vast majority of players it is the least significant! If you are generating $100/month in rake, then a $5,000 sign-up bonus is no more meaningful than a $300 sign-up bonus. And if the rakeback, bonus increments, and/or time to clear conditions on the $5,000 bonus are worse, you will earn far more from the $300 bonus!

When we compare the two Full Tilt Bonus Code options to other initial deposit bonus offers from other online poker sites, we see just how deceptively good this offer is.

@FullTiltPoker has the best sign-up bonus for players who generate $1,200 to $12,000 in rake per year! Click to Tweet

Although the €1,500 sign-up bonus from Winner Poker looks a lot juicier, it is earned at a much lower rakeback percentage (18%) for a shorter period of time (90 days). However, if you generate more than $12,000/year in rake and fees, Winner Poker has the best sign-up bonus for you!

Of course, the biggest problem with this analysis is that it is only looking at the sign-up bonus, and none of the other factors. Rake and other rewards should be far more important to you than the sign-up bonus. Full Tilt has a great sign-up bonus, and even have low rake, but their rewards program isn't very good. As a result, you will earn far more rewards with several other onine poker sites. The only time you should care exclusively about the sign-up bonus is if you are "bonus whoring", which is where you join a site, play until the sign-up bonus expires, and then move to a different site.

If you want to take advantage of either of Full Tilt's excellent sign-up bonus offers, click the button below:

full tilt poker bonus code

Note that the above button will direct you to download, installation, and registration instructions for Full Tilt poker. Although these instructions are written specifically for PC, the steps will be very similar if you are using a Mac or plan to play Full Tilt Poker on a mobile device (Android or iOS).

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