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Last Updated: 25 June 2017

Thanks to TV ads and sponsorship of live events like the World Poker Tour, Party Poker was the first online poker site to capitalize on the poker boom and became one of the biggest poker sites. Atlhough they are no longer the largest poker room, their recent merger with bwin makes them the 3rd largest online poker network. All of the sites on the Party Poker Network are operated by the same company (Bwin.Party Digital Entertainment).

Sites on the Party Poker Network use a decent filter system for cash games and tournaments, which allows players to filter games by game type, stakes, game features (jackpot, stack sizes, etc), speed, seats, players/flop, avg. pot, etc. However, players cannot select multiple game types for the cash game filter, and cannot specify precise buy-in ranges for the tournament filter, just low, medium, or high. Also, the filter is always present in the main lobby, rather than a separate window that you open once, set, and then ignore.

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Peak hours: 7pm - 10pm UTC
Peak Traffic: 5,900 players
Peak Cash Traffic: 1,950 players
Avg. Cash Traffic: 1,050 players
Low Hours: 3am - 12pm UTC
Low Traffic: 3,000 players
No US players
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Party Poker Cash Games

The Party Poker network offers a good selection of games for all table sizes, with No Limit hold’em poker the most active.

If you play texas holdem at micro to small stakes, you will especially enjoy FastForward tables, where you are instantly taken to a new table as soon as you fold your hand. Unfortunately, FastForward is not available for full table play, only short-handed and heads-up.

The Party Poker Network is one of the few places online poker players can find 7-Card Stud poker and 7-Card Stud Hi/Lo.

The rake is very competitive for all games and stakes (although the rewards programs on all Party Poker network sites are sadly lacking). The level of competition is relatively low at all stakes compared to other sites, with good sized pots and more players seeing the flop than average.

Active Tables (Full Table):
  NL Hold'em   ¢1/¢2 - $2/$4
  FL Hold'em   ¢2/¢4 - ¢15/¢30
  PL Omaha, Hi/Lo   ¢5/¢10
  FL 7-Card Stud   ¢50/$1
  FL 7-Card Stud, Hi/Lo   ¢50/$1
Active Tables (6-Handed):
  NL Hold'em   ¢1/¢2 - $5/$10
  NL Speed Hold'em   ¢2/¢4 - ¢25/¢50
  FL Hold'em   ¢5/¢10 - $5/$10
  PL Omaha   ¢1/¢2 - $5/$10
  PL Omaha Hi/Lo   ¢5/¢10 - ¢25/¢50
Active Tables (Heads-Up):
  NL Hold'em   ¢25/¢50 - $5/$10
  NL Speed Hold'em   ¢25/¢50
  FL Hold'em   $1/$2 - $30/$60
  PL Omaha   ¢10/¢25
Games Offered:
  NL Hold'em   NL Double Hold'em
  FL Hold'em   PL Omaha Hi/Lo
  PL Hold'em   FL Omaha Hi/Lo
  PL Omaha   FL 7-Card Stud
      FL 7-Stud Hi/Lo
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Party Poker Tournaments

The Party Poker network offers primarily texas holdem tournaments. There are also some regularly scheduled Pot Limit Omaha and Pot Limit Omaha Hi/Lo tournaments and a couple of Fixed Limit Hold’em, Pot Limit Hold'em and 7-Card Stud tournaments each day. Many of the tournaments offered are satellites, and all of the tournaments (including the satellites) have guaranteed prize pools.

Breaks are coordinated, which is convenient for players who play multiple tables for long sessions. A 5 minute break is given to all tournament players from 5 minutes before each hour. Even better, the break starts when the last hand on all tables has been completed, so players are always guaranteed a full 5 minute break (although if playing multiple tables, the other tables may resume earlier).

The Party Poker network have reduced their tournament fees in the past year, and now have the lowest average fees for buy-ins of $50 to $100.

Party Poker Sit & Go's

Sit & Go poker tournaments are an area in which the Party Poker network excels with great activity for a wide range of buy-ins for single table NLH and NLH Double or Nothing tournaments. They are one of the few places with active PLO SNGs for full table, short-handed and heads-up play.

The Party Poker network is also one of the few places you can find Pot Limit Omaha hi-low SNGs (albeit only for short-handed play). They also offer the widest range of buy-ins for heads-up SNGs for NLH, FLH, and PLO.

Sit & Go fees on the Party Poker network are higher than average, especially for heads-up play. The fees are also inconsistent. For example, $0.45+$0.05 (11.1%) and $0.85+$0.15 (17.6%), or $5.50+$0.50 (9.1%) vs $10+$1 (10%). Normally, higher buy-ins have lower fees! The good news is that the Party Poker network caps all fees at $10, which makes them the best choice for high buy-in Sit & Go's. They offer the lowest fees for >$200 for heads-up play, >$100 for short-handed SNGs, and >$50 for full table SNGs.

Sit & Go (SNG) Formats:
  Multi-Table (MT)
  Single Table (ST)
  Double or Nothing (D/N)
Active SNGs (Full Table):
  NL Hold'em (MT)   $3
  NL Hold'em (ST)   $3 - $108
  NL Hold'em (D/N)   ¢25 - $54
  PL Omaha (ST)   $1 - $3
Active SNGs (6-Handed):
  NL Hold'em (ST)   ¢25 - $210
  NL Hold'em (D/N)   ¢25 - $22
  PL Omaha (ST)   ¢50 - $11
  PL Omaha Hi/Lo (ST)   $1 - $6
Active SNGs (Heads-Up):
  NL Hold'em (ST)   $1 - $5,010
  FL Hold'em (ST)   $1 - $510
  PL Omaha (ST)   $3 - $108
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