Boss Media Poker Network Review

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The Boss Media poker network (officially called the International Poker Network, or IPN) is one of the smallest networks, ranking 15th in terms of average online poker traffic. However, during peak hours, they rank 12th for cash game traffic (compared to the peak hours of other networks). They also offer a few unique games that get action, like 32-card draw poker.

Site layouts are crisp, with multiple ways to navigate to your preferred game, and filters allow you to hide games you are not interested in playing. Shortcuts are present on each table and the lobby to quickly take you to the first 5 tables you have opened, to make navigating between tables easier.


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Peak hours: 6pm - 9pm UTC
Peak Traffic: 2,500 players
Peak Cash Traffic: 570 players
Avg. Cash Traffic: 240 players
Low Hours: 12am - 11am UTC
Low Traffic: 250 players
No US players
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Boss Media Cash Games

As one the smallest online poker networks, Boss Media is not a good choice if you enjoy playing many tables simultaneously unless you play texas hold'em micro-stakes on 6-max tables, for which you can easily play up to 10 tables at a time. Short-handed players can also find active tables for FL holdem, PL holdem, PL omaha, PL omaha hi/lo, PL 5-card draw, and PL 7-A 5-card draw. However, only NLH offers enough action if you want to play more than 1 or 2 tables at a time.

Players who enjoy heads-up cash poker can find activity for NL and FL holdem, and PL omaha and omaha hi/lo.

Rake is typically competitive, although Boss Media does charge higher rake than any other online poker site for no limit and pot limit games up to ¢5/¢10. The network charges very low rake for short-handed NL/PL games above ¢5/¢10 as well as all fixed limit short-handed cash games. Heads-up rake is very low for most stakes, but is higher than average for NL/PL games above ¢25/¢50.

Active Tables (Full Table):
  NL Hold'em   ¢2/¢4 - €1/€2
Active Tables (6-Handed):
  NL Hold'em   2¢/4¢ - $3/$6
  FL Hold'em   25¢/50¢ - €0.50/€1
  PL Hold'em   5¢/10¢ & €0.50/€1
  PL Omaha   5¢/10¢ - €1/€2
  PL Omaha Hi/Lo   €0.05/€0.10 - €0.15/€0.30
  PL 5-Card Draw   5¢/10¢
  PL 7-A 5C Draw   5¢/10¢ - 12¢/25¢
Active Tables (Heads-Up):
  NL Hold'em   €0.25/€0.50 - €25/€50
  FL Hold'em   €4/€8 - €100/€200
  PL Omaha   €0.50/€1 - €15/€30
  PL Omaha Hi/Lo   €3/€6 - €10/€20
Games Offered:
  NL Hold'em   PL Omaha Hi/Lo
  FL Hold'em   FL Omaha Hi/Lo
  PL Hold'em   FL 7-Card Stud
  PL Omaha   FL 5 Card Stud
  FL Omaha   FL 5-Card Draw
  NL Omaha   PL 5-Card Draw
  FL SOKO   FL A-7 5C Draw
      PL A-7 5C Draw

Boss Media Tournaments

Most of tournaments offered on the Boss Media Network include a guaranteed prize pool. The number of entries is relatively small (75-150), which makes for a smaller pay-day when you win, but more importantinly, it reduces your overall variation in results.

Tournament fees are consistently low for all buy-ins, offering the lowest average fees of any online site for buy-ins of $1-49 and >$100.

Boss Media coordinates tournament breaks to occur 5 minutes to the hour every hour, which is convenient if you play multiple online poker tournaments simultaneously.

Boss Media Sit & Go's

As one of the smallest online poker networks, Boss Media has limited activity for sitngo poker tournaments. Only No Limit Hold'em sees any action for full table SNGs, and even then only for buy-ins of €1 - €3.

No Limit Hold'em is also the only game to see any action for short-handed play (even though more game types are offered). However, the active buy-in range is greater (€1 - €22).

There are more active games for heads-up SNGs on Boss Media, including No Limit Holdem, Fixed Limit Holdem, Pot Limit Holdem, and Pot Limit Omaha Hi/Lo. 

The Boss Media network offers competitive Sit & Go fees full table and short-handed play, and lower than average fees for heads-up SNGs of all stakes.

Sit & Go (SNG) Formats:
  Single Table (ST)
Active SNGs (Full Table):
  NL Hold'em (ST)   €1.10 - €3.30


Active SNGs (6-Handed):
  NL Hold'em (ST)   €1.10 - €22
Active SNGs (Heads-Up):
  NL Hold'em (ST)   €1.05 - €208
  FL Hold'em (ST)   €31.50
  PL Hold'em (ST)   €52.50
  PL Omaha Hi/Lo (ST)  


Up to 66%
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No US players
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