888Poker Network Review

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Originally called Pacific Poker, 888poker is the flagship poker site of 888.com, a large online casino. Although there are several skins available for this network, they all belong to the same company.

888 software quality is good, with clean graphics and decent navigation. Cash games and tournaments with special features (like turbos, deep stacks, video, etc) are given simple icons to make them easily identifiable, and there is a legend at the bottom of the page in case you forget what each icon means.

The filter system for tournaments and cash tables is extremely basic. You can only filter by generic stake levels (Lo, Med, and Hi), and cannot filter by speed, deep stack, video, etc.

888poker is one of the few networks that offer the ability to play poker online using webcams. Currently, the only tables supporting this feature are 6-handed No Limit Hold’em.

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Peak hours: 6pm - 12am UTC
Peak Traffic: 15,500 players
Peak Cash Traffic: 3,700 players
Avg. Cash Traffic: 2,300 players
Low Hours: 6am - 9am UTC
Low Traffic: 2,300 players
No US players
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888Poker Cash Games

Although 888poker has significant cash game traffic, it mostly occurs on short-handed tables. Players interested in full table cash games will struggle for find a game other than no limit texas hold'em. Heads-up play is even more barren with even no limit holdem tables sitting empty most of the time.

If you prefer short-handed cash games, there are plenty of options to choose from, including NL Hold'em (with or without webcams), limit holdem, PL Omaha, NL Omaha, and PL Omaha Hi/Lo. Not only are these tables typically active, but 888poker offers some of the widest range of available stakes of any online poker site for these games !

Since many players are casino converts, much of the cash game action occurs on “Push or Fold” and Jackpot tables. Even if this is not your preferred style of game the action is fast and loose creating a profitable opportunity for skilled players. The level of competition is relatively low at all stakes compared to other sites, with good sized pots and more players seeing the flop than average.

Unfortunately, 888poker’s rake structure is not very competitive. At many table size and stake level combinations, they charge the highest rake of any online poker site.

Active Tables (Full Table):
  NL Hold'em   1¢/2¢ - $1/$2
  FL Hold'em   2¢/4¢ & $2/$4
  PL Omaha Hi/Lo   2¢/5¢ & 10¢/20¢
  FL 7-Card Stud   2¢/4¢
Active Tables (6-Handed):
  NL Hold'em   1¢/2¢ - $25/$50
  NL Hold'em (CAM)   3¢/6¢ - 10¢/20¢
  FL Hold'em   5¢/10¢ - $3/$6
  PL Omaha   1¢/2¢ - $25/$50
  NL Omaha   50¢/$1 - $1/$2
  PL Omaha Hi/Lo   1¢/2¢ - 10¢/20¢
Active Tables (Heads-Up):
  FL Hold'em   $3/$6 - $50/$100
Games Offered:
  NL Hold'em   PL Omaha Hi/Lo
  FL Hold'em   FL Omaha Hi/Lo
  PL Omaha   FL 7-Card Stud
  NL Omaha   FL 7-Stud Hi/Lo
  FL Omaha    


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888Poker Tournaments

The majority of online poker tournaments offered on the 888poker network include a guaranteed prize pool. Although the tournaments get a high number of players (usually several hundred), the number is not so high as to create ridiculously top heavy payouts. As a result, the variation in your results is reasonable.

Entry fees are competitive (usually 10% of the buy-in), although this is not consistent across all tournaments.

One of the more unique ideas implemented at 888Poker is the Team Tournament. When players register, they join a specific team and a portion of the prize pool is set aside for the team competition (usually 30%). Teams are then scored based upon the average finish of their team members, and the team prize pool is divided amongst the members of the winning team(s).

888poker is one of the worst sites online for offering free poker tournaments. Although there are plenty of them, their value is very low, especially since most are rebuy/add-on tournaments and the money collected must first pay off the “free” prize pool before it is added to it.

Tournament breaks are coordinated to occur 5 minutes to the hour every hour, which is convenient if you play multiple tournaments simultaneously.

888Poker Sit & Go's

888poker offers a variety of Sit-and-Go tournaments, ranging from heads-up matches to 40-player tournaments. The vast majority of Sit & Go’s are No Limit Hold’em, although fulll table Pot Limit Omaha Hi/Lo typically gets some activity as well.

SNG poker tournament fees are very competitive for most buy-ins and the 888Poker Network offers the lowest fees for short-handed SNGs with buy-ins of <$1 and $40-$70, and heads-up matches with a buy-in of more than $100.

888poker also offers Double or Nothing tournaments for both No Limit Hold’em and Pot Limit Omaha Hi/Lo. Players interested in playing Sit & Go’s utilizing a webcam can play 6-handed No Limit Hold’em with active tournaments from $1.20 - $11.

Sit & Go (SNG) Formats:
  Multi-Table (MT)
  Single Table (ST)
  Knockout (KO)
  Double or Nothing (D/N)
  Webcam (CAM)
Active SNGs (Full Table):
  NL Hold'em (MT)   $1
  NL Hold'em (ST)   $1 - $8.80
  NL Hold'em (ST,KO)   $3.50
  NL Hold'em (D/N)   55¢ - $53.50
  PL Omaha Hi/Lo (D/N)   55¢ - $2.75
Active SNGs (6-Handed):
  NL Hold'em (MT)   2¢ - $1.10
  NL Hold'em (ST)   11¢ - $109
  NL Hold'em (CAM)   $1.20 - $11
Active SNGs (Heads-Up):
  NL Hold'em (MT)   $1.20 - $22
  NL Hold'em (ST)   50¢ - $2,000
  PL Omaha (ST)   $5.50 - $31.50