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Last Updated: 27 April 2020

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Counting Outs & Drawing In Poker

poker counting outs

Learning the basics of counting outs is another step on your poker journey to becoming a proficient player. Have you ever wondered what professional poker players are thinking about before making a decision? In many case, they're counting their outs. Don't worry if math isn't your strong suit, counting outs is just basic addition and multiplication.

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Expected Value In Poker

expected value in poker

Expected Value (EV) is a way of calculating how much we can expect to make (on average) in a particular situation. EV is a term typically associated with poker, but it can also be applied to many areas of life outside the poker room. It is essentially a risk versus reward calculation, and mastering this skill will not only make you a more profitable poker player, but will also make you a better decision maker in general!

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Pot Odds & Implied Odds Explained

poker pot odds

Pot odds, equity and expected value are important, interrelated concepts in poker. As a beginner it is crucial that you understand these concepts in order to have an edge over your opponents. The math side of poker is often ignored by newer players but spending a little time learning these concepts will drastically improve your game. This article explains each of these 3 concepts individually, and then ties them all together with an example. 

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Pot Equity – Simple Poker Math

poker equity

Pot Equity is defined as our percentage chance of winning the pot when in a hand. We can define our equity from preflop all the way until the river if we know what our opponents has. Of course, knowing exactly what our opponent has would be wonderful, but in most cases we instead need to calculate our equity against a range of hands that our opponent is likely to have (given their actions throughout the hand).

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51 Texas Holdem Tips And Strategies

poker tips

Poker is a game that is constantly evolving. Strategies employed by today’s players are very different than what players were using even a few years ago. However, there are many timeless poker tips that will always apply...

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A Reliable Live Poker Tell

reliable poker tell

When playing live there are some tells that are nearly always reliable. Most have to have a pattern established before categorizing them as reliable, but there are some very reliable tells that remain amazingly consistent. The most reliable live tell...

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3-betting in poker

The 3-bet is one of the most powerful and misunderstood plays in poker. Playing optimally in 3-bet pots versus your opponents can generate huge profits. Few players understand the science or the art of 3-betting...

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Making Profitable Hero Calls

poker hero calls

It’s always exciting when you put together your reads to snap off your opponents’ full buy-in bluffs. There are several things poker experts and coaches talk about that allow you to snap those kinds of bluffs off profitably...

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How to Make Money Playing Poker (Part 1 of 3)

make money playing poker

This is part one of a three-part series on how to really make money playing poker. You can either watch the 56 minute video, or read the transcribed video as an article. This exciting and in-depth series about the A to Z’s on how to be profitable playing poker long-term was created by John Anhalt, who has been playing poker professionally for over 15 years.

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