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Last Updated: 27 April 2020

Math & Pre-Flop Poker Workbook

math and preflop poker workbook

The optimal way to improve is to practice technical skills the right way between poker sessions. Use this poker workbook to bridge the gap between theory and practice. Reinforce key concepts and formulas and internalize them through focused exercises.

By simply completing a few pages of the Math & Preflop Poker Workbook each day, you will train your brain to quickly and correctly calculate pot odds, implied odds, ranges, break-even percentages, and even EV! By combining these skills with pre-flop specific plays like isolating, 3-betting, squeezing, 4-betting, and going all-in, you will see significant improvement in your results.

This workbook has been super useful for making the math more accessible...

Leo W.

This fantastic poker workbook includes:

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  2. Over 1,500 questions - improve your technical skills by practicing numerous calculations
  3. Structured study - progress through topics in a logical order at your own pace
  4. Full answer key - learn to trust your calculations and be confident in your decisions
  5. Universal concepts - learn skills applicable to live or online poker, cash games and tournaments
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  2. Full-Color E-book$39Order Now
  3. Workbook + Premium Software$99Order Now

Practice working through common preflop situations that can make or break your winrate. 

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