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Last Updated: 27 April 2020

Omaha Manager 3

holdem manager poker software

Hold’em Manager and its suite of products has been used by over a million online cash game and tournament players since first launched over 12 years ago. OM3 is the most powerful and eloquent version of Omaha Manager that has ever been released. Whether you are a casual player or a professional, OM3 was designed and developed by poker players for poker players with the goal to help you improve your online poker results by allowing you to make more informed decisions.

OM3 is not a separate product from HM3 - both use the exact same software. With OM3, you are not buying different poker software, but rather the ability to use the same poker software for a different game (i.e. it's HM3 for Omaha).

The OM3 hand database is constantly updated as you play online and simultaneously overlays key database stats on your opponents directly on the table. This overlay is known as the OM3 heads-up display (“HUD”). Select from several pre-configured HUDs or build your own from the thousands of stats in the OM3 database.

State of the art query tools and built-in reports allow for post-session analysis of your results like never before. After your sessions, review your results with state of the art query tools and built-in reports to further analyze the play of key opponents. OM3’s report filtering capabilities for hands and situations is an industry standard in it’s simple eloquence and amazing power.

OM3 has several key features:

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  2. Heads Up Display - choose from a pre-configured HUD, or customize your own
  3. Situational Views - key situations that you commonly analyze are presented on a single dashboard
  4. Live Play View - the live play dashboard allows you to easily monitor your sessions in real time
  5. Powerful Hand Filters - quickly and easily find hands of interest with industry-leading hand filters
  6. Post-Game Analysis - easily review all aspects of your results via powerful tools and filters
  7. Visual Opponent Feedback - get immediate visual insight into each opponent with the graphical HUD overlay
  8. Hand Replayer - includes a built-in hand replayer, allowing you easily review your sessions and add additional notes on you ropponents
  9. Supports more than 12 major poker sites and networks - PokerStars, PartyPoker, Microgaming, iPoker, 888 Poker, WPN, Peoples Poker, Winamax, Ignition, PPPoker, and Poker Kingdom
  10. Available in 14 languages - English, Chinese, French, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Portuguese (Brazilian), Dutch, Polish, Romanian, Russian, and Slovenian

Each purchase of Omaha Manager 3 comes with a lifetime license and a year's worth of updates and support.

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  2. Omaha Manager 3 (Small Stakes)$60
  3. Omaha Manager 3 (All Stakes)$100
  4. OM3, Annual Support (Small Stakes) $25/year
  5. OM3, Annual Support (All Stakes) $40/year
  6. HM3 + OM3 Combo (Small Stakes)$100
  7. HM3 + OM3 Combo, (All Stakes)$160
  8. HM3 + OM3, Annual Support (Small Stakes) $40/year
  9. HM3 + OM3, Annual Support (All Stakes) $65/year
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Free Poker Training

Follow this simple process to get the first module of the Road to Sucess poker training course for FREE, and start crushing online and live poker tournaments today!

  1. Register an account through TopPokerValue.com with any of the following poker sites:
    1. Americas Cardroom
    2. True Poker
    3. PartyPoker
    4. Bwin Poker
    5. William Hill
    6. Boylepoker
  2. To figure out which of these online poker sites is best for you, check out our detailed online poker rankings.
  1. Make a deposit of any amount (although you should try to maximize the site's first deposit bonus). To avoid fees, consider using either of the following deposit methods:
    2. Skrill
  1. Email us the name of the site you joined along with your username, country and date of registration to . We will then send you a special code that will give you access to the entire first module of the Road to Sucess poker training.
  1. Watch free poker training videos and use what you learn to turn your initial deposit into a nice poker bankroll!
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Stop Losing at Online and Live Poker

It has gotten more difficult to win at poker over the last two decades. At the beginning of this century, you could beat most poker games with one of two extremely basic strategies:

  1. Be aggressive and pick up lots of pots uncontested, or
  2. Play tight, and earn maximum value when you make a hand

However, modern players are much more advanced, which is why it is so much harder to win at poker these days, especially online. Computers allow players to run thousands of simulations to determine the best action for each hand and scenario. And while players certainly can't do this during play, they can use these tools to study. If you are not studying how to improve your poker game, you are at a severe disadvantage! The good news is that you don't need to run thousands of hand simulations yourself. Plenty of professional poker players have already done this for you, and many of them have been kind enough to share what they have learned!

Below are the best ways to learn how to win at poker, listed from least to most expensive (from left to right).

  • Poker Books
  • Poker Workbooks
  • Poker Software
  • Poker Courses
  • Poker Coaching
  • Play Poker

optimzing ace king poker bookBooks are one of the most cost effective ways to learn how to win at poker, and most are very beginner friendly. You can also re-read them as many times as you want for no additional cost! If you want to start winning at poker, then reading a book is the bare minimum amount of study required.

The biggest problem with books is that they are theoretical, and not everyone is good at imagining the scenarios presented by the author, or applying the concepts at the table. While many of the better poker books will give hand examples, you will ultimately need to practice what you have learned. Don't expect to read a book once and then immediately become a winning poker player. Books also become out-dated as strategies continue to evolve.

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tournament poker workbookPoker workbooks are a great way to simulate playing. These guides help reinforce the concepts by giving you opportunities to practice via detailed hand breakdowns and quizzes. They are still not a substitute for playing against human opponents, but are a great way to raise your comfort level and experience, allowing you to learn from your mistakes in a cost-free environment!

Not only are most workbooks more expensive than regular books, but they are also much more focused. That is, a book might cover 20-30 concepts, while a workbook might focus on reinforcing just 2-3 of them. In other words, if you want to practice multiple concepts then you will need multiple workbooks, and yet there are far fewer workbooks than books available.

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best poker software onlineAlthough there are programs focused on training you to be a better poker player, most poker software focuses on analyzing hands. These are incredibly valuable tools that allow you to identify unprofitable tendencies in your play. However, you should not invest in any poker software until you have already learned the basics by reading several books, and/or completing at least one poker course. Poker software is best used for refining your skills not for teaching you new concepts.

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advanced poker trainingNot everyone can read text and then perfectly envision the described situation, let alone apply the learned concept in the real world. Plenty of studies have shown that we learn best when presented with information in a variety of formats, and this is where online courses shine. The downside is that teaching you how to win at poker across multiple forms of media is far more expensive, which results in a higher cost.

However, when you consider that you are far more likely to retain the information presented in a course format, plus apply it better at the table, it is easy to see why online poker courses are so popular.

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poker tournament mentorPoker coaching is becoming increasingly popular as games get tougher. However, if you have not already invested in several poker books, workbooks, a course or two, and some hand analysis software, then you are wasting your money hiring a poker coach. While most coaches can certainly teach a beginner how to beat most poker games, you do not want to be paying an hourly rate just to learn the basics!

Once you have read several books, taken a few courses, and used software to analyze your play, then hiring a poker coach is probably the next step if you want to continue to improve. If you already have a solid foundation, then a good poker coach can pinpoint exactly the areas where you need to improve.

best online poker tournamentsUnlike most games, the majority of people do not get better at poker simply by playing. Plenty of players have played the game for decades without showing noticeable improvement. They make the same costly mistakes hand after hand, year after year. They are in a rut, and rather than looking for errors in their game, tend to blame "bad luck" instead. If you want to become a better poker player, you need to study (via books, workbooks, courses, software, and possibly coaching).

However, you can't spend all of your time learning either. Eventually you need to apply the concepts learned in a real game. Real world situations are rarely as simple as those presented in a book. At first you may even find that the things you have learned have actually made you a worse poker player! With practice you will learn when to apply each concept, and how to make the most profitable play for any situation. Subtle differences that occur in a real game are precisely why the correct answer to almost every poker question is, "it depends". There are so many factors that go into each decision, that it is impossible to present them all in a learning environment. 

Ultimately, you need to practice everything you learn at the tables. The difficulty is in applying the theory in real world examples

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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Is poker a skill or luck? +

    Poker is most definitely a skill, but luck still plays an important role in short-term results. Poker is primarily a game of probabilities. Although you have no control over the cards (that's dependent on luck), you have full control over what you will do with the cards you are dealt. Not only can you choose whether to fold, call, or raise, but in no limit and pot limit games, you also get to choose how much you bet or raise, giving you opportunities to either drive players out of pots and extract maximum value from your winning hands. Poker is also a game of psychology and deception. With skillful betting, you can trick players into folding weak (but winning) hands, or trap them into calling or even betting with strong (but losing) hands. 

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