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Last Updated: 27 April 2020

Leakbuster 2 (for Hold'em Cash Games)

leakbuster holdem poker software

Use Leak Buster to analyze your complete poker game via statistical analysis. Your online poker hands are compared to tens of millions of hands from winning online players, and in minutes Leak Buster looks for over 465 potential leaks in your game! Peak high and low stat ranges are combined with hundreds of post flop filters to find areas of your game where you’re bleeding the most money from your bankroll. You’ll be amazed with Leak Buster's ability to identify your most costly poker mistakes.

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  2. Leak Buster identifies 10-25 significant poker leaks for each player
  3. Analysis of your entire hand history is completed in a matter of minutes
  4. Scoring algorithm analyzes and weighs the significance of each leak
  5. Discover your leaks by every position at the table
  6. Correct your poker mistakes with the included 90+ professional tutorial videos, articles and quizzes, with Leak Buster recommending those most appropriate to you
  7. Requires and works with your DriveHUD, Holdem Manager or Poker Tracker database

Leak Buster Version 2 only applies to No Limit Texas Hold'em cash games. However, Version 1 is available for Omaha and Limit Hold'em.

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  2. Leak Buster, Version 2 (Standard)$59.99
  3. Leak Buster, Version 2 (Pro)$89.99
  4. Leak Buster, Limit Holdem Version 1 (Standard)$49.99
  5. Leak Buster, Limit Holdem Version 1 (Pro)$79.99

Leak Buster adjusts its advice and statistical ranges based on the stakes you’re playing. Micro stake players won’t have the same ranges and feedback as more advanced poker players.

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