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Last Updated: 27 April 2020

$1/$2 No Limit Crash Course

texas holdem poker cash game course

In poker, most players lose a little, win a little, or break even. However, the best poker players are big, consistent winners over the long-term. These players are studying and playing alongside mentors and peers. They have access to hidden strategies proven to work in today’s games.

You can also gain access to this kind of information from Red Chip Poker. Their team of poker professionals find the edges that allow them to win, and they share that information in their online poker courses.

Being active on RCP is the single best step I took to improve my game. The amount of time it took to see improvements was almost instantaneous.

Dutch81 (Daniel)

This excellent poker training video course provides 11+ hours of quality poker training videos by top low-stakes cash game coaches and authors Ed Miller, James "SplitSuit" Sweeney, Doug Hull, and Christian Soto. In this texas hold'em cash game course, you will learn:

  1. hidden
  2. Hand reading and range building
  3. Continuation betting and how to be aggressive
  4. How to play out of position
  5. Bet sizing
  6. Exploitative strategies
  7. Game Theory Optimal strategies
  8. Pre-Flop and post-flop planning
  9. Bluffing and barreling

In addition to all of the excellent poker training videos, you also receive follow-up emails and study material to keep you motivated!

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Free Poker Training

Follow this simple process to get the first module of the Road to Sucess poker training course for FREE, and start crushing online and live poker tournaments today!

  1. Register an account through TopPokerValue.com with any of the following poker sites:
    1. Americas Cardroom
    2. True Poker
    3. PartyPoker
    4. Bwin Poker
    5. William Hill
    6. Boylepoker
  2. To figure out which of these online poker sites is best for you, check out our detailed online poker rankings.
  1. Make a deposit of any amount (although you should try to maximize the site's first deposit bonus). To avoid fees, consider using either of the following deposit methods:
    2. Skrill
  1. Email us the name of the site you joined along with your username, country and date of registration to . We will then send you a special code that will give you access to the entire first module of the Road to Sucess poker training.
  1. Watch free poker training videos and use what you learn to turn your initial deposit into a nice poker bankroll!