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Last Updated: 20 May 2019

Quickly Compare Online Poker Downloads

Use the data boxes below to quickly compare various online poker sites by key criteria (average rakeback, overall traffic, freeroll value, and sign-up bonus). Click any logo to visit the applicable detailed poker site review, or if you are sure that is the site you want to join, simply click the blue download button.

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  • 888
  • Bwin.Party
  • IPoker
  • MPN
  • PokerStars
  • PokerStars.EU
  • PokerStars.IN
  • WPN

Average Rakeback

The "Avg. Rakeback" for each site is equal to the average rakeback for players who generate between $1,000 to $100,000 per year in rake and fees. This calculation does not include players who generate <$1,000/year in rake and fees because these players can often earn well over 100% rakeback due to freerolls. Since we have included freeroll value as a separate entry, including these players would heavily skew the results in favor of sites that offer high value freerolls to low limit players.

The "Avg. Rakeback" numbers presented in the above tables are just a general reflection of each site's commitment to rakeback and are not indicative of how much you will necessarily earn. Rakeback rewards are highly dependent on a number of factors including volume of play, preferred game type, etc. If rakeback is your primary concern, you should instead use our poker site rankings tables, which compare online poker sites by total net cost (rake/fees - rewards).

Traffic Ratings

Rating Avg. Daily Peak
A+  >6,000 >8,000
A 4,001 - 6,000 5,501 - 8,000
A- 2,001 - 4,000 3,001 - 5,500
B+ 1,251 - 2,000 2,001 - 3,000
B 1,000 - 1,251 1,201 - 3,000
B- 501 - 1,000 801 - 1,201
C+ 401 - 500 601 - 800
C 301 - 400 401 - 600
C- 201 - 300 301 - 400
D+ 101 - 200 201 - 300
D 51 - 100 101 - 200
D- 11 - 50 21 - 100
F 0 - 10 0 - 20

To qualify for a given rating, the site must achieve both requirements. That is, an online poker site with 600 average daily cash game players (B- rating) and 750 cash game players during peak hours (C+ rating) would receive a C+ rating.

Freeroll Value

Freeroll Value is the average total value of freerolls you can expect to earn from each site. We have only included freerolls available to players who generate <$1,000/year in rake and fees. Freerolls that are only available for higher volume players are already accounted for in the "Avg. Rakeback" number. When calculating average freeroll value, we exclude freerolls that we expect players will consider a waste of time. That is, if you generate $1,000/year in rake and fees, we assume you will not waste your time playing freerolls with an average value less than 10¢!

If freerolls are your primary criteria for choosing an online poker site, we highly recommend you instead use our best free-roll poker site tables as they offer a more comprehensive analysis.

Sign-Up Bonus

Online poker site sign-up bonuses are often intentionally misleading. A site might offer a huge sign-up bonus (i.e. "up to $5,000!"), but then hide incredibly difficult qualifying criteria in the fine print. Most players will earn far more from a smaller bonus with a higher rakeback rate! The value presented in the above data boxes is the average amount earned by players who generate between $100 and $25,000/year in rake and fees.

The number in the data boxes above is an average across a wide range of players. If a high value sign-up bonus is your top criteria for selecting an online poker site, we strongly suggest you instead use our best poker sign-up bonus tables. Our poker sign-up bonus rankings more accurately predict your expected actual sign-up bonus rewards for your given volume of play.

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How to Download Online Poker

Most online poker sites use software that must first be downloaded onto your computer, phone or tablet. To download the online poker site for you choice, start by clicking the download button in that site's data box above. This will take you to a page detailing the steps required to download and install that site's poker software, as well as the steps required to register an account.

If you have any difficuly with downloading the poker software, registering an account, or making a deposit, feel free to contact us at the email listed in the "Contact Us" section at the bottom of this page.